Text move to right side when string is long on Android


I am using
FuseTools version : 1.8.1
Mac OS : 10.12.6
Android: 8.0.0 & 6.0.1

I have created a component and loading it into StackPanel with some parameters. Text in inside the components. When I pass a long string to a component, text inside the Text Class moving to the Right side. Check the code and Screenshots. It is working fine on iOS.


        var items = ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7"];

        module.exports = {
            items: items
    <StackPanel Alignment="Center">
        <Rectangle Width="100%" Height="2" Color="#f2f3f3" ux:Class="SampleListSeparator" />
        <SampleListSeparator />
        <ScrollView ux:Name="options" AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal">
            <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                <Each Items="{items}">
                    <ItemSample ItemName="Sometimes Item name is very long" Price="$" Wid="125"/>
        <SampleListSeparator />


<Grid ux:Class="ItemSample" Columns="1*,auto" RowCount="1" ColumnCount="2"  Height="65" Width="{ReadProperty Wid}" >
    <string ux:Property="ItemName" />
    <string ux:Property="Price" />
    <string ux:Property="Wid" />
    <StackPanel Alignment="Center" ClipToBounds="true">
        <Text Value="{ReadProperty ItemName}" FontSize="15" Color="#031422" TextAlignment="Center" Alignment="HorizontalCenter" Padding="10,0"/>
        <Text Value="{ReadProperty Price}" FontSize="17" Color="#68727A" Alignment="Center" Margin="1"/>
    <Rectangle Width="2" Height="65" Color="#0000000D" />

Getting Result:

Expected result:

Hey @Dhvl_Golakiya

Here is issue ticket.