TargetNode throwing error when using GoBack or GoForward with LinearNavigation

This might be related to this issue outlined here

System Details
Fuse version 0.9.11 (build 5893)
Windows 10

Issue: When setting the property TargetNode on GoBack and GoForward with LinearNavigation an error is thrown and does not allow communication to happen with the targeted navigation context. For example:

The node '_resourcesNav' can not be used here: The type must be compatible with 'Fuse.Node'

Expected outcome When setting the property TargetNode on GoBack and GoForward with LinearNavigation no error should be thrown and should communitcate with the targeted navigation context.

Below is sample code which will recreate the issue. I have not tested with other Navigation types.

<App Theme="Basic" Background="#eeeeeeff">
            <LinearNavigation ux:Name="_resourcesNav" />
            <SwipeNavigate SwipeDirection="Left" SwipeEnds="Short" />
            <Each Count="4">
                <Panel Color="#fff0">
                        <Move X="-1" RelativeTo="ParentSize" Duration="0.5"/>
                        <Move X="1" RelativeTo="ParentSize" Duration="0.5"/>
                    <Text Value="Panel" TextAlignment="Center" Alignment="Center" />
        <Circle Width="60" Height="60" Color="#c9cad4" Dock="Left">
            <Text Value="Left" Alignment="Center" />
                <GoBack TargetNode="_resourcesNav" />
        <Circle Width="60" Height="60" Color="#c9cad4" Dock="Right">
            <Text Value="Right" Alignment="Center" />
                <GoForward TargetNode="_resourcesNav" />


You have to give the parent Panel a name and refer to that as the target instead. This is because LinearNavigation is not a node itself, but a behaviour that is added to its parent node.

Thanks, that sovles the isssue.

Would it be possible to have the docs updated with your explanation? Would make it a lot clearer.

Couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile: I’ve updated the in-depth docs for for GoForward / GoBack and added links to those from the section you mentioned.