Stop busy animation from blocking

Hi, I’m new to fuse but loving it so far! Still getting my head around some of the concepts tho.

How can I stop the busy animation from blocking in the attached video when the images are loading?

Hi Paul.

You seem to be doing a bit too much in your code. A node (and all its parents) are implicitly marked as busy when images are loading (it’s not just images that can set this though). So that Busy and WhileLoading seem to be totally unnecessary, and very likely to cause issues.

It should be enough for you to use just WhileBusy in this case. Please see if that helps.

If it doesn’t, please make a complete, minimal reproduction that we could copy-paste and run to see (and fix) the issue ourselves.

Thanks Uldis, I started basic and worked my way up to this. Having said that I’m a newbie and have experimented so much getting my head around reactive programming that I don’t remember if I did just try using WhileBusy. Will give it a go in morning and let you know.