Speed up Fuse Tools on small screen with large resolution

I would like to thank all the people behind Uno and Fuse…

I have 13’ Lenovo Yoga Pr 2 with a resoltion of 3200x1800, when I first opened Fuse Tools the working area was too large with slow UI performance just like when i first installed Photoshop …

So to fix this just go to the directory where Fuse.exe is installed and copy paste the file in the link “fuse.exe.manifest”…


Restart Fuse.exe and it will look much better on the screen with much faster UI perfomrance

Ali M. Ismail

Hi Ali!

Thanks for your feedback.

We are working on a new packaging for Fuse in which the entire UI will be removed, relying more on integration with third party tools like Sublime. So these problems will go away soon :slight_smile: