Sleep method in JS, help

I need the data to be added one after another with an intreval. Using setInterval(), at first the array is completely formed, and only then it is displayed as a whole. What can i do?

while(splitter[current].split(":")[0] != "Q")
			name:  splitter[current].split(":")[0],
			text: splitter[current].split(":")[1] 
<ScrollView >
					<Each Items="{dialogs}">
						<Panel  Height="50px">
                            	                               <Move RelativeTo="Size" X="1" Duration="0.9" Easing="CircularIn" />
							<Rectangle Color="Red" Opacity="0.5" Layer="Background"/>
							<Text Value="{texts}" TextColor="Black"/>

You could use setTimeout to call a function recursively after a given delay.

Or look into using FuseJS/Timer.