Press'n hold?


Is it possible to do “Press and hold” in Fuse? If it’s not today, I guess it could be done with a with a press-property that takes seconds as input, or something like that.

Not quite sure what you’re looking for based on the description, but could it be a “long-press where nothing happens until X seconds have passed” ?

In that case just use WhilePressed in combination with delays. If you stop pressing before the delay has expired then nothing happens. :slight_smile:

E.g. to do stuff like this with both UX animators and JS callbacks:

                <Move Target="ThatThing" X="1" RelativeTo="Size" Duration="0.5" Delay="3" />
                <Callback Handler="{somehandler}" Delay="3"/>

That’s pretty much exacly what I’m looking for :slight_smile: Thanks!