Share local and remote image using native action sheet or any other way

First of all this tool saved my ass…:slight_smile:

Please share a bit of code or doc for sharing an image from local or remote to whastapp or facebook or email etc via action sheet, or anyother way.

Could you please elaborate more on what you’re trying to accomplish, seems like something that you’ve seen in other apps, so could you compare or show screenshots of the thing that you’re trying to accomplish

Sorry for not explining properly, you can check this link for a smaple screenshot

its an action sheet, when user click on share feature of the application an popup with share feature will come.

There’s no easy way of doing this right now, but hopefully the fuse team will look into making this really easy to do, or someone in the community comes up with a way, but it will be a while from now. This has to be done in uno code (which I have no idea how to really use or want to get into right now).

But there’s so many types of files, but I’m sure someone can figure out how to make it really easy to bring up that share dialog. Hopefully we can do it both through js and ux

seems like you can explore FuseJS/Share API for cross-app content sharing.