Setting FontSize of Text with TextWrapping="Wrap"

Hi. I made a mini project with coding below. For text01 with Wrap, I can’t change it’s fontsize. But for text02 without Wrap, I can. Is there something wrong? Thanks.

   <App Theme="Basic">
    var Observable = require ('FuseJS/Observable');

    var text01 = "Text 01";
    var text02 = "Text 02";

    var Display_text01 = Observable(text01);
    var Display_text02 = Observable(text02);

    module.exports =

    <StackPanel Width="100%" Padding="15,5,15,15">
            <StackPanel Alignment="Center" Orientation="Horizontal">
                    <Text Margin="5"/>
                <Text ux:Name="small_size" Value="A" FontSize="20">
                        <Set content1.FontSize="20"/>
                        <Set content2.FontSize="20"/>
                        <Set small_size.TextColor="#AC3124"/>
                        <Set middle_size.TextColor="#444444"/>
                        <Set large_size.TextColor="#444444"/>

                <Text ux:Name="middle_size" Value="A" FontSize="30" TextColor="#AC3124">
                        <Set content1.FontSize="30"/>
                        <Set content2.FontSize="30"/>
                        <Set small_size.TextColor="#444444"/>
                        <Set middle_size.TextColor="#AC3124"/>
                        <Set large_size.TextColor="#444444"/>

                <Text ux:Name="large_size" Value="A" FontSize="40">
                        <Set content1.FontSize="40"/>
                        <Set content2.FontSize="40"/>
                        <Set small_size.TextColor="#444444"/>
                        <Set middle_size.TextColor="#444444"/>
                        <Set large_size.TextColor="#AC3124"/>

        <Text ux:Name="content1" Value="{Display_text01}" FontSize="20" TextWrapping="Wrap"/>

        <Text Padding="0,50,0,0" ux:Name="content2" Value="{Display_text02}" FontSize="20" />



Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

What platform are you experiencing this behavior on? I have tested on .Net and Android and it looks fine there


Thank you for reply.

I am using local preview in my Mac. The test01 remained unchange…

I haven’t tested it on mobile yet. I will try it later.