Set Value in 0.30.0 stopped working

Error Code:

  colourDots.ux(12): E8001: Cannot resolve generic property 'Value' without 'Target' property set

original code:

  <TextInput ux:Name="collChanger" Value="{collChangerIn}" Alignment="TopLeft" Height="0" Width="0" />
  <Set collChanger.Value="white" Value="white" />

test fix (remove the error message but doesn’t change the value)

  <Set Target="collChanger.Value" Value="white" />

fixed by changing: TextInput to Text

<Text ux:Name="collChanger" Value="{collChangerIn}" Width="0" Alignment="TopLeft" Height="0" Opacity="0" />
<Set Target="collChanger.Value" Value="white" />

Hi, thanks for reporting this. Note that 0.30 is currently in pre-release testing and not the official release. We will fix this bug before 0.30 is launched.


The error is actually in your code. You are specifying Value twice, if you look carefully:

 <Set collChanger.Value="white" Value="white" />

Simply correct it to:

 <Set collChanger.Value="white" />

And you’re good to go.

Hi I did try that but didn’t work for me only after I changed TextInput to Text

Strange. My suggested fix works here, so I’m going to count this one as resolved unless you can produce a complete test case with that fix that still breaks.