Set LayoutMaster NOT WORKING

Hi guys,

I’m learning this fantastic Framework but I am stuck in the example of LayoutMaster (rectangle that inherits the layout from the 2 panels: target1 and target 2).

When I copy and paste the code inside my project i receive this error:

Member not found: Fuse.Controls.Rectangle.Element.LayoutMaster, Please see the Fuse Monitor for details.

I don’t know if im doing something wrong because i copy and paste the “example code”.


Which example is this? Can you provide us with a link to it so we can check it out? As a general rule, copy-pasting bits of code from one project to others might not work out-of-the box :slight_smile:

I copy the same code that you can in the section “Learn” of this site.

<Rectangle ux:Name="selection" LayoutMaster="target1">
    <Stroke Width="2" Brush="#3498db" Offset="2" />
        <Move RelativeTo="WorldPositionChange" X="1" Y="1" Duration="0.3" Easing="CubicInOut" />
        <Resize RelativeTo="SizeChange" X="1" Y="1" Duration="0.3" Easing="CubicInOut" />

    <Panel ux:Name="target1" Margin="10" Height="50" Background="#eee">
        <Text Alignment="Center">Click me</Text>
            <Set selection.LayoutMaster="target1" />
    <Panel ux:Name="target2" Width="150" Height="100" Background="#eee">
        <Text Alignment="Center">Me too!</Text>
            <Set selection.LayoutMaster="target2" />

As i said, im learning some code, and i create a new project and i copy and pasted this code in my project.

When i click both Panels (target1 or target2) i reveice that errors.

I dont know if i’m doing it wrong.