Sending router to a Module and need better understanding how observables and local storage interact

I have recently started working with Fuse and have enjoyed learning about the architecture style and techniques. A few questions have risen to increase my basic understanding as well as to help me resolve some issues with the code I am working on:

  1. Specifically, how do I pass router to a Module and what is the syntax I use?
  2. The existing code I am working on uses multiple parameter scopes for the same data. One is an observable, another is local storage, and another is a stringified version. I am trying to better understand how to work with variable and objects in Fuse Tools. For starters, can I work directly with an observable in javascript logic or does it need to be transformed first. Second, How does local storage work and why am I having trouble changing or adding onto the stored object for later retrieval? i.e. localStorage.setObject(“userData.value.shops.code”, 3); when I restart the app the value 3 does not seem to be present in userData.value.shops.code. However, I am not understanding how the stored object translates to the observable and how that translates to the other variable.

Hi Aaron,

your first question was just answered in the other thread where you posted. Please avoid asking the same things in several places.

As for the second question, it’s a bit all-over-the-place to give a simple answer. I would like to suggest you to split your question (or challenge, really) into much smaller bits and tackle them one by one. There’s Observables, Local storage, JavaScript in general, Fuse preview lifecycle and more. When you throw them all together, I don’t even see your question(s) any more.

Please share some tiny, stand-alone snippets of the code you have, and ask very specific questions, and we’ll do our best to help.