Selectable list

What is the best way to make a selectable list? For example, a list of buttons inside a ScrollViewer, selecting one is highlight and the others no?

The concept of a global selection or local selection for a Panel and its derivaties are still in development. But there is a simple way to achive this by using Focus:

        <Button Focus.IsFocusable="true">
                <GiveFocus />
                <Scale Factor="1.2" Duration="0.25" />
    <Button />
    <Button />

Perfect! Thanks!

But from a list of buttons I want that the one that is selected with another Button (Send Button) do an action.

With this method when I click in the “Send Button” the focus is given to this Button and the selected option lose the focus.

I want that when I click the “Send Button” perform the action of the focus selection.

This is posible?