Highlight a specific item in Each loop


I have a list of Panels which contains Name, Phone and address, generated using “Each” loop, I need to ‘Highlight’ a panel which is “Clicked” and “Blur” the rest. I know this is so basic, But I play around and Couldn’t get what I want.

<StackPanel ItemSpacing="5">
    <Each Count="8">
        <Panel Height="70" Width="90%" Color="#1F1C2C" Clicked="{highlight}">
            <Text TextColor="#fff" Alignment="TopLeft">Name: David</Text>
            <Text TextColor="#fff" Alignment="CenterLeft">Phone: +1989898989</Text>
            <Text TextColor="#fff" Alignment="BottomLeft">Address: New York</Text>

What did you try so far? If you provide some more code we might be able to point out where things went wrong. :slight_smile:

One approach might be to use the Selection API. You’ll find more info on that here: