ScrollView - Item Visibility

I have to say, I like the idea of fuse, but the documentation is really letting me down.

Anyways, the goal I am trying to accomplish is to setup a Vine-like demo, where there’s a ScrollView with videos in it, and I can start/stop videos based on to which videos scroll in to/out of the viewport.

I can get a callback when scrolling:

<ScrollView ux:Name="scroller" ScrollPositionChanged="{scrolled}">

The event.sender is a string. How do I get access to the ScrollView object, so I can call methods on it?

Is there a way to get objects by ux:Name in the javascript? Maybe that is the way to do it?

This won’t answer your question, and I’m sorry you find the documentation lacking – needless to say, we know and are working on improving them. Specifically: have you taken a look at our upcoming new docs? See

Thanks for the response. I did not know these pages exist, I’ll take a look.

That’s simply because they’re not official yet :slight_smile: