How can I get the scroll property like `contentOffset` `contentSize` from `ScrollPositionChanged` trigged by scrollView?

I am trying to fetch newer data when the scrollview was nearly scrolling to the end. I tried to bind the ScrollPositionChanged event, but I found that I can not get any scrollview information from the js callback. So…is it possible for me to get the UI property from javascript callback or any other way.


Unfortunately you cannot access these values from JS yet. We have a collection scrolling features being worked on, which includes this type of behaviour. I’ll add “passing args to JS” into that feature group to provide even more flexibility.

One possibility now is to put a ScrollingAnimation on the ScrollView and trigger an action as it reaches near the end – it’ll unfortunately be percentage based, not a fixed offset.

    <Callback Handler="{addItems}" AtProgress="0.99"/>

Are there any updates to this?

I’m trying to use the scroll view to figure out which items are scrolling in to/out of view.

No updates yet. Scroll features will be coming soon however.