ScrollView error

when I hide some item inside a ScrollView with Visibility="Collapsed". The Height of the ScrollView it is adapted but with delay (like 1 sec). It is possible to resize the height of the ScrollView instantly when the ux change?

Here is an example: (If you press the green button. Wait 3 secs many times you will see the issue)–

There’s not supposed to be a delay. I’ll take a look.

This appears to be an animation overlap problem. The delay only happens when the previous scrolling is still animating, even if in the final moments of slowing down. If you wait long enough between “toggle” the repsonse is immediate.

I just entered another issue about how BringIntoView should override the current animation as well. I’ll put this as part of that issue since it is related. The new scrolling constraints should win out over the previous animation.