Scripting or expression binding two way?, {Silly question}

        	var Observable=require("FuseJS/Observable");
            var num1=Observable(4);
        	var num2=Observable(3);
            var num3=Observable(42);
            var num4=Observable(10);

           var result1=Observable(function(){
                return Number(num1.value)+Number(num2.value);
           var result2=Observable(function(){
                return Number(num3.value)-Number(num4.value);

           var result=Observable(function(){
            return Number(result1.value)+Number(result2.value);

            <WhileActive Threshold="0.5">
                <Set tabBar.LayoutElement="page4Tab" />
            <TextView Value="{num1}"></TextView>
            <TextView Value="{num2}"></TextView>

             <TextView Value="{num3}"></TextView>
            <TextView Value="{num4}"></TextView>

            <Text Value="Sum = {result}"></Text>

initial binding working fine, now i need is from .ux page, user will update num1 (TextView), than result value should update. How? using TextValueChanged Event is also not working.

Sorry working now,

I’m not sure what might not be working. Can you be more precise about what you’re trying to do and why it isn’t working? I copied the code and it works as you’d expect (I’m using a slightly newer internal version however, so maybe something was fixed).

in App, i had move the javascript part to seperate js file, and was refering with File tag. But culprit was the {result} variable, which i was refering in page, was above javascript file tag. After moving the javascript tag above all refered variable, it works. Now its working.

Thank you for reply