TextBox and Observable Lists

Please could someone offer me so help on the following? I’ve tried reading the docs and examples but cannot understand what I need to do to have my textbox update an object in my observable list.

		var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
		var players = Observable(
				{id: 1, name: "Player1", score: 0},
				{id: 2, name: "Player2", score: 0},
				{id: 3, name: "Player3", score: 0},
				{id: 4, name: "Player4", score: 0}

		module.exports = {
			players: players,


	    <Each Items="{players}">
	    	<TextBox Value="{name}" />
		    <Text Value="{name}" />


The properties you want to change need to be Observables themselves, like so:

        var players = Observable(
                {id: 1, name: Observable("Player1"), score: 0},
                {id: 2, name: Observable("Player2"), score: 0},
                {id: 3, name: Observable("Player3"), score: 0},
                {id: 4, name: Observable("Player4"), score: 0}

Thank you so much Uldis.