Screen width from small panel

I have a circle inside a panel which is inside a panel which is inside a panel etc

I need to this circle to expand to 200% screen width, but obviously I can’t access that width from inside these panels, what do I do?

Have you looked at RelativeTo? It looks like that could be used to solve your problem. You can use it in combination with Scale etc to size your element relative to any other element, not just ancestors in the visual tree.

Cheers! Ended up using: <Scale Target="ExpandingCircle" RelativeTo="SizeFactor" Factor="2" Duration="0.5" Easing="CubicOut" RelativeNode="MainPanel" /> Where MainPanel was the top-most panel for anyone else trying the same thing.

Perfect :slight_smile:

Actually, are you sure that code is correct? On another look I think it should be:

<Scale RelativeNode="MainPanel" RelativeTo="SizeFactor" Factor="2" />

Edited :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: