Save elements as image

Is it possible to capture the buffer of an element in order to save it as an image file?

I’d like to create an interactive app whereby a user could open an image, apply some effects and text on it, then save the changes.

Is there currently a system in place for this for doing this, and if not, is there a way of achieving this?

Ideally I’d like to maintain the original resolution, regardless of the device size, so presumably the image would be scaled inside of a <Viewbox>. I’d want to save the original buffer of the element inside of the Viewbox, not the scaled display version.


Hi Luke.

That certainly is possible, but not in an easy way using just UX and JS. You could take a look at the SavePanel in fuse-signature library and work your way from there.

Cheers Uldis. Looks like exactly what I need!

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