View a photo from Camera.capturePhoto()

Hi guys,
I’m using a CameraView to capture photo from camera everything is working fine but my concerns is I want to view the image captured to the user and then translated into buffer so I can send it to the server. how can I do that, any suggestion?


Take a look at this post to see how to send an image to the server.

That was really helpful thanks. I didn’t know that Fuse.Control.Photo is different from .Image sending the photo to server is done now. what I have left is to translate the buffer into Image based64 and then view it on the device right? or there is another way around for that !?

Yeah, that approach sounds about right. See what methods you have on FuseJS/Base64 and FuseJS/ImageTools (specifically, about encoding/decoding base64 and arraybuffers), and you should be all set.

I’m all set indeed this clearway the different between Fuse.Control.Photo and .Image
I really appreciate the help :slight_smile: