RTL layout support

Hi There,

I’d like to have Bi-Directional layout app (LTR and RTL) for each page layout it should have to orientations one for LTR and the other for RTL.

Is there any idea to have both layouts without major changes ? or to enable orientation for each UX Layout or even page-wide tag like in html “dir” attribute if it could !!

Thanks in Advance,


What about just having a variable for this, e.g.

     this.isRTL = true

(assuming you are using the new Models feature)

And using a <WhilteTrue Value="{isRTL}"> and have different layotus?

I’m already using this approach, but it is too cost to achieve and i will face a lot of troubles with any update or edits !

I hope to find something like WrapPanel which could bound to FlowDirection attribute for each layout class.