How to go about designing a RTL layout?

Greetings all,
I have been reading the document for few days and I haven’t seen anything that explains how to go about designing a RTL layout. Has anyone come across similar requirements? I have used NativeScript and React Native before and both have this option but I really like fuse and its syntax and I would really appreciate any help.

Hi coderavine,

AFAIK any RTL layout should just work if you include a font that supports it. It may not display properly on the local preview, but on devices it should appear just fine.

What have you tried so far and what are the limitations you’ve found?

Thanks UIdis,
I have been checking the layout in the local preview all the time and maybe that is why I was not able to see it correctly. I will try to view my layout in a real device and let you know if I am still having the same issue