Rotate and get back to normal

How to Rotate image and get back to normal continuesly ?


I’m not sure what you mean by “get back to normal continuously”, but if you want make an image rotate once and then back, you can use Rotate:

    <Rotate Target="theImage" Degrees="360" Duration="1"/>

to make it spin continuously, you can use Spin:

    <Spin Frequency="1" Target="theImage"/>

is this what you were looking for?

What I mean to say is first I want to rotate image to 45 degree and then again to -45. I want to make it continuesly in loop. I mean using WhileVisible not using WhilePressed just like in what we see in GIF image.

Sounds like you’re looking for Cycle:

Yes But if i am not wrong then Cycle doesnt have any property Target.Rotate or Target.Rotation?

You can do that by adding a Rotation node to your element:

    <Rotation ux:Name="rot" />
    <Cyclce Target="rot.Degrees" Low="-45" High="45" />

Thank you very much… Thats what i need…