Reset emulator doesnt reset to starting page

  • Fuse version 0.27.1 (7935)
  • Windows 7 x64


  • Create a start page with a Navigator and Router, like:
	<iOS.StatusBarConfig Style="Light" />
	<Android.StatusBarConfig Color="#C5161C" />
	<Router ux:Name="router" />
	<ClientPanel Color="#000">
		<Navigator DefaultTemplate="splashScreen">
			<SplashScreen ux:Template="splashScreen" router="router" />
			<TestPage ux:Template="testPage" router="router" Transition="None" />
			<RegistrationStep1 ux:Template="regEmail" router="router" Transition="None" />
  • In the start page (splashScreen), navigate to another page, for example “testPage”, via JS code, like “router.goto(“testPage”);”
  • When on “testPage”, change some code and save, or press CTRL+R (reset) in the emulator => It doesnt reset the state of the app, I am still at “testPage” instead of “splashScreen”

This is shown clearer if you have some content to show for it. In my case I have an animation on “splashScreen”, that I can see blinks weirdly for a split second when I do a reset, but I never leave the second page I navigated to. I have to close the emulator and then re-launch it again.

Hi, we’re aware of this problem, and it’s something we working on improving, as it can be really annoying.