Removing unnecessary Android permissions


My upcoming app (that will revolutionize everything) doesn’t need all those permissions that Fuse ask for Android app by default.

Google Play says these will be asked from the user:


Is there a way to control which permissions are required?

I only need to be able to write to app folder and access interwebz.

Not really elegant (yet), but an acceptable workaround is to edit AndroidManifest.xml inside your project and run build.bat afterwards. Should work. :slight_smile:

Works great thanks :slight_smile:

How do you do this on mac ?

It works in the same way for both OSX and Windows. Just locate AndroidManifest.xml under the build/Android/ directory (for instance in build/Android/Preview/<appname>/app/src/main/), change it manually (standard Android docs for that are here) and then start build.bat afterwards (located under build/Android/Preview/ in this case)

Hi ,
I do “build” not “preview”. but I can’t find “build.bat” ?
Where I can find this ?

Hi basma,

the build.bat script is usually put under <project root folder> / build / Android / Release after you execute fuse build -tandroid with or without other build flags that are needed for a release build.