Rating System.

Am building an app with Fuse, my first with fusetools app. I have been needing a lot of guide.

How do I update a certain portion of my app during an ‘on click event’ without refreshing the whole page.


That is, my app is a social app and it has rating. I need users to love and un love without refreshing the entire page. in the background, i will post the data to the API using fetch and when a success is return, the right icon and like count will be display


I have been so use too adding router.goto() in all my functions. I will try to implement this now without it and see how it goes.

on the click event — the function won’t have router.goto(); — i will use observables for the variables being displayed

Am still open to suggestions



You shouldn’t need to use a router for this. Just have the click event fire a fetch call like you say, and update the corresponding Observable with the new like-count. This depends a bit on how you have implemented your model ofc, but you should’nt need to leave the page or use the router when just updating a value in your model.

It should work. Will do when i resume work