Random reloads of javascript


I am having this issue where my app randomly reloads my JavaScript.

At the top of my js file I print javascript init so i csn see when my script starts running. Sometimes when I run the app the console shows javascript init two or more times without me saving or reloading my script.

After the initial start up I show a login screen where a user can log into my app. On iOS there is no (visible) problem and the user can log in. On Android my app crashes and says the request has already been completed.

I think that this is because the script executes multiple times.=

To filter out my problem I commented out my entire script and added each function one by one. Then I noticed that the script sometimes randomly reloads after the initial running of my code

Is there any know issue about this?

I tried to create a new project with just a MainView.ux and a MainView.js and I got the same issues.

Sometimes I see INIT only once and sometimes i see it two or more times.

Here is my code:


<App Theme="Basic">
    <JavaScript File="MainView.js" />



I’m using the latest version of fuse: 0.12.1

This also occured when testing with example apps (Newsfeed sample provided by Fuse)

Hi Jozef, we chatted on slack a little.

I’ll keep you psoted here on progress. thanks for reporting this.