Quick build on OSX, similar to DotNetExe on Windows


I often try new things with Uno and use DotNetExe build constantly when working on Windows. The compile time is awesome. When travelling or at nights at home I use my MacBookPro and it would be great to have similar build there as well. Currently I need to use the ‘fuse preview’ to build and it’s very slow. Doing all sort of connection shiz that I really don’t need when building custom Uno components.

So I was wondering if you could make an OSX build that works pretty much the same way then the current preview (or dotnetexe), but without live coding connection thingy. It should also open in larger window size, similar to DotNetExe build.

Or is there a way to build like this already available?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have anything like this. It is something we want to make, but we don’t have a timeframe for this feature yet.

Hi Simo,

Have you tried the CMake target?


Oh yeah, I should have realized that the complaint was about the build-times for fuse preview, and not the CMake-target… Perhaps the build-times for uno run -tcmake is sufficient? I was referring to making the DotNet-target work on OSX, which would also be a possibility. But we’re not quite there yet.

uuh this is awesome! Just perfect for my case.

In case someone else wants to build like this, here are instructions:

install CMake for OSX:

 1. download cmake https://cmake.org/download/
 2. Launch Apple disk image
 3. Install CMake application (drag it to your Applications folder)
 4. Open it. (right click and open and allow open)
 5. Add CMake to path:
     sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
    sudo /Applications/CMake.app/Contents/bin/cmake-gui --install=/usr/local/bin

Goto your project folder and strike fuse build --target=CMake --run