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Hi guys.

I’m using Fuse 0.36.1. I just installed fuse-reader using fusepm install https://github.com/zean00/fuse-qreader and I did nothing but execute my project as local preview.

When I try to run it I get the error message: MainView can only inherit one base class pointing to MainView.g.uno line 2: public partial class MainView: Fuse.App.

Any idea what is happening? What can I do to fix it?



Hi Leandro, this is because https://github.com/zean00/fuse-qreader has a MainView.ux file. Just delete this file which is normally located at project_folder/fuse_modules/zean00/fuse-qreader


I do not want to be a necro but, the code compiles and runs. However example code sometimes does not read anything at all, and sometimes it reads, gets back to the main screen and no info is returned from the barcode.
Any ideas ?
I am using Xcode 9
Fuse 1.2.1
and my phone is an iphone 7 Plus with ios 11


@Eren: if you face a problem with a community package, it is best to go and log a ticket (with as many details as you can provide) on the github repository where that package resides. It is then up to the author to decide what gets done.


@Uldis: You are completely right, however there may be people here who can direct me to the correct path in an instance. So I just wanted to both:
-inform that the working package does not support ios 11
-get any possible workaround from the experienced users here.
But surely will contact the author as well.
Thank you,