Barcode Scanner

We are evaluating Fuse tools, one of the feature in our application will be using barcode scanner. However I didn’t find any support for the same in Fuse tools. How do I implement barcode scanner for Android?


I believe in the future Fuse will have a proper camera API (in fact you can find plenty of example code in the forum) but right now you will need to use foreign code and Java to integrate a barcode scanner library.

Exist any usable example to this type of implementation ?


Just uploading QR Reader Library at my repo (

Currently it’s only available for iOS and I’m still working on Android version. But since I’m new to fusetools and native development (both iOS and android), please don’t expect it will be available soon :slight_smile:

Please note that the iOS version is only work on iOS 7 and above

Sahal … great work ! :slight_smile: a will try it … thnx


Just finishing the android version, you may check it out on the github, please read the documentation on build for android, it has some issue but there are also the workaround. You can read some detail of the issue in this thread

Thanks :slight_smile: