Push Notification Sound

When i send a push notification from the sever to my app, mobile doesn’t make any sound nor play any ringtone it just vibrates so i was wondering is this a bug or this a feature that isn’t done till now?

  • i’m using fuse 0.36.1 on windows 7

I would expect the OS to play a default notification ringtone upon receiving one. As for custom ringtones, the current push notification implementation does not support passing those.

Thanks UIdis for your fast response and sorry if i’m causing an inconvenients.

OS isn’t playing any ringtone.

My Client has reported the problem to me and i’ve tested it on two devices with different android versions and i heard no ringtone at all

i tested it on

  • Samsung Grand Prime with android 4.4
  • Samsung J5 with android 6.0.1

I can make a video the clarify the problem if that would be a help

When you’re composing the JSON payload, you could try to add a sound element to it, like this:

'notification': {
    alert: {
        'title': 'Well would ya look at that!',
        'body': 'Hello from the server',
        'sound': 'default'

If that doesn’t help, there isn’t much else to do, at least not in the immediate future.

Thanks UIdis. This worked perfectly after adding sound. But you need to add the sound part to the PushNotification documentaion cause i couldn’t find this info

Please consider this issue as solved

Thanks for the confirmation! Note that this sound property probably only works on Android, so don’t send it to iOS devices :slight_smile: Nothing should break, but still…

I’ll let the docs team know.