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Problems with <Each> when page should show different data

I had two pages. Concerts and Timetable of Concerts.
Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3
At first time all show correct. I can go to timetable and back with both concerts. But if i want after second concert go to the first each items not shows.

my code is:

Thanks for any help

My problem was that i had function in Context.js file called:
let storedFileData = JSON.parse(FileSystem.readTextFromFileSync(FileSystem.dataDirectory + “/” + “nebdata.json”));
let concerts = [];
Object.keys(storedFileData.maps).forEach(function(key) {
let concert = storedFileData.maps[key];
let concertPerformances = [];
performances[item].textDate = unixConverter(performances[item].date, “dateMonth”);
performances[item].textDay = unixConverter(performances[item].date, “day”);
performances[item].place = “Место проведения не определено”;
concert.performances = concertPerformances;
function getConcert(id) {

let concert = concerts.find(function(item) {
return item.id == id;
concerts.events = concerts.events.map(function(item){
return events[item];
}When I go second time to this function with the same id i had empty block. Problem was, that when I manipulate with concert, I dont know why, but I overrided variable concerts.
Solution: i rewrite this function and added function clone(obj) { return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj)); }; let clonedConcert = clone(concert);
And now my function look:
`function getConcert(id) {

let concert = concerts.find(function(item) {
return item.id == id;
let clonedConcert = clone(concert);
clonedConcert.events = clonedConcert.events.map(function(item){
return events[item];
and now everything works fine.
I will be apritiate if somebody tell me why variable concerts was overrided.