Problem with directory name with spaces for Android SDK

My Android SDK is on a directory with the same name “Android SDK” with a space in it.

When I run “fuse install android” and point to that directory it accepts and “fuse install -s android” checks it as OK.

But when I try to preview the example app on android, it says that “E:\dev\Android” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I believe the code is ignoring the space and the rest of the directory name.

By the way, I’m on Windows 10 pt_BR version.

Maybe a char encoding problem?


Problem confirmed.

I changed the Android SDK path to “Android1 SDK” (attention to the added “1”), checked the instalation, got an OK and when trying to preview it said “E:\dev\Android1” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

And when I changed it to “AndroidSDK” everything workd fine.


We had problems before related to having AndroidSDK in a path containing spaces, however that is fixed (or should be). So which version of Fuse are you running, and I suppose this is on Windows?

Thanks for taking the time to report it :slight_smile:

Just realised that the same problem happens when trying to run a project that has spaces in its name like “Hello World”.

It says:

Building native target
1/2: libHello
2/2: Hello World-debug.apk


Installing new version of APK
Invalid APK file: World-debug.apk

In this case, it ignored the part before the space (Hello ) on the last line.

Interesting enough, if I create a project without spaces in its name, it works even with spaces on the parent path. Example:

E:\Fuse Workspace\HelloWorld

So it seems the problem is not on the path, but when running the files only.

Hello Emil.

Yes, Windows 10, pt_BR version.

I downloaded Fuse Tools yesterday, so it should be the latest version.

Sorry, the commit containing the fix, was not part of our latest release, however it will soon be :slight_smile:

I hope you can work around it, until we get a proper fix out. I will let you know when it is out.

(It will also fix problems related to space in project path too)

You can work around the issue with spaces in the path as described here.

Thank you for the replies!