Prioritization for a Layer on Top

Hey there! :slight_smile:
Is there a way to give a special Layer an higher priority while loading?
For my Project:
I am using the LoadingIndicator while builing a Sub-Page. (“LoadingIndicator | Fuse Open”). The Subpage contain 20 Subpages dynamically generated in a Tabview. It works all fine.

The Subpages are stored in an Observable and will be generated with a fetch. Each Object is added to the Observable.

The only Problem I have now is, that every time a sub Page is added to the Observable, the LoadingIndictor is laggy and the console says something like

Choreographer: Skipped 40-250 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.

So is there A way to tell the Thread or something else, that the LoadingIndicatior has hight Priority, so that it will not lag?

I hope you understand what I need! (=
Thanks for help!

Can you share a example of your app to help you?

You can try wrap your subpage using Deferred. More info :

Thanks for your replys! :slight_smile:
It´s hard to reproduce this example in an small one Page Project x)
But mybe it helps, when explain a bit more :v:

Each Subpage contains again two Subpages. And each Page/Subpage contains many Observables.
I figured out, that when I clean the Observable a bit, the Problem with the LoadingIndicator is gone…but then I dont have my data^^…

I tried deferred, but the only difference is, that it needs more time, but is still laggy :confused:

I know its hard to understand, when there is no code :confused: but still hope you got another idea :slight_smile:
I am trying to reproduce this on a small Project! (=

Are you using PageControl or Navigator to manage your subpages?

I am using PageControl :v: :v:

Yeah, PageControl is good for a few pages like an intro but I think since you have a lot of pages and want it to be more performant that you should use the Navigator as it recycles pages and doesn’t try to load all of them at once.

Ah nice, okay I am goint to try this! And let you know how it works for my case!
Thank you very much (=

@aeq I am a bit confused :confused:
I think it is not possible to build something similiar to this “” with Navigator. Or is it and I dont get it? :confused:
I mean with the Tab Bar + Indicator and the swipe Animation between the Pages?!

Maybe you can give me a hint :smiley:

Its definitely possible with transitions, read the guide:

Okay I am actually trying to build my needings in a one page example…my main Problem is now to set the Navigator with an Each and variables for the name.
But I will try :smiley:

Thanks a lot for now :slight_smile:

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