Preview on Windows fails, on OSX works


I did a fresh re-install of Fuse on Windows 7. I only want to do local review, so only Fuse and Sublime have been installed, nothing else (e.g. no SDK, etc.). Maybe there is something missing? Or something is wrong in the project but on OSX it magically works?

On OSX this project can be previewed:

On Windows Preview starts but in the preview window this message pops-up:

ERROR: Marshal.ToType(): Unable to conve­rt to type Fuse.Triggers.State

System.Exception occured.­

at Fuse.Reactive.Marshal.ToType[T­](Object o, Action1 callback) in C:\\Pro­gramData\\Uno\\Packages\\Fuse.Reactive\\0.24­.6\\$.uno:line 1863 at Fuse.Reactive.DataBinding1.Pu­shValue(Object newValue) in C:\ProgramDa­ta\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Reactive\0.24.6$.u­no:line 513 at Fuse.Reactive.DataBinding1.Fu­se.Reactive.IObserver.OnSet(Object newVa­lue) in C:\\ProgramData\\Uno\\Packages\\Fuse­.Reactive\\0.24.6\\$.uno:line 368 at Uno.Threading.IDispatcherExten­sions.Arg1Invoke1.Run() in C:\ProgramDa­ta\Uno\Packages\Uno.Threading\0.24.3\$.u­no:line 226 at Fuse.Reactive.Dispatcher.UIThr­eadDispatcher.Run() in C:\ProgramData\Un­o\Packages\Fuse.Reactive\0.24.6\$.uno:li­ne 730 at Fuse.UpdateListener.Invoke() i­n C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\FuseCore\0­.24.6\$.uno:line 7205 at Fuse.UpdateManager.Update(Stag­e stage) in C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\­FuseCore\0.24.6\$.uno:line 7433


Thanks for providing the test case.

You are loading an empty config file, which sets the language observable to an empty string. There is no State corresponding to this case, this is why you get the crash.

However, based on your test case I have cleaned up our handling of this scenario, so starting in the next version (0.10) this won’t crash, but instead give you a nice warning in the console :slight_smile: