Posting values to a ux:Class


Im trying to figure out how to use Class the best way for repeat elements with different input values. Ive come halfway below, but need to understand best practice for passing additional values to the Class item (how can I pass the values named XVALUE1-6 below into the Class?

<Circle ux:Class="circleclass">
<Translation ux:Name="XVALUE1X" X="XVALUE2X" RelativeTo="Size" />
<Text Font="Light" Color="Black" FontSize="7" Alignment="BottomCenter" Margin="XVALUE3X"> XVALUE4X</Text>
<Image Width="40%" File="XVALUE5X" Margin="XVALUE6X" />

<circleclass Margin="20,10,0,0" Width="50" Height="50" Alignment="Left" Color="#FFFFFF50" />


You can use Properties ( to pass values to a class.