image placeholders do not work with <Image Url="..." />

Hi, I was trying to use to setup some image placeholders in my app. They were featured on Product Hunt today. Basically you use the URL format

to render specific types of placeholder images.

So for example

would render a placeholder image of a person but I could refine it more like

to get it a specific height, width and to randomize it.

Using either type of URL in the

<Image Url="..." />

tag for a Fuse project does not have it rendering.

Could this please be addressed or a workaround for it posted?

Regards, Nissan

Hi! is really cool! :slight_smile: I think you just misstyped the query, I got working in fuse. Take a look at this code:

<App Theme="Basic">
            <Image Url="" />
            <Image Url=";h=256&amp;txt=Places" StretchMode="PixelPrecise" />
            <Image Url=";h=400&amp;random=1&amp;txt=Hello+World!&amp;txtclr=44E3E7EF&amp;overlay_color=B12B2E36&amp;overlay_blend=normal" />

Thank you. This worked. Not sure where I made my mistake though, but I copied the sample as is and it worked, so I can work with this. Thanks again.

  • Nissan