Place children of ux:Class in specific slot

I’m trying to implement a bootstrap like collapse using ScrollView and i want to place children inside StackPanel when inherited, Code below may make things more clear

<ScrollView ux:Class="Collapse">
		<!-- content to be placed here -->
		<!-- slot here -->

	<Panel ux:Name="ContentToBePlacedInSlot" />

is there any way i can implement it using Current Version of Fuse?

Hi! Yes, use Container as the base class

<Container ux:Class="Collapse" Subtree="sp">
    <ScrollView ux:Binding="Children">
        <StackPanel ux:Name="sp">


Note that all intended children of Container must be marked with ux:Binding="Children", otherwise they will be moved into the Subtree

Thanks for Your fast response that really helped :slight_smile: