Own Classes

Hi, can I achive this:

I think that something like this should work but No…

<Grid ColumnCount="2" DockPanel.Dock="Bottom">

<Image File="..." ux:Class="MyClass" ux:Name="Image01" Width="50" WidthUnit="Percent">
    <Image File="..." ux:Name="Image02" Width="20" WidthUnit="Percent"/>

        <Scale Factor="1.3" Target="Image02" Duration="1" />


<MyClass />
<MyClass />


This is posible? To create Elements or groups that contains other elements?

I want to put MyClass many times in the app with diferent Path in File="" And each Myclass in a field of the Grid.


Yes, you can do this type of thing. It involves a bit of Uno code at the moment, but it isn’t too hard. We have an example for this: https://www.fusetools.com/developers/guides/examples/movielist

I’ll go document this a bit now to explain it better.