Passing Argument to JS function from UX

Hello please how do i pass an arument to a function in js.

I have a function

function format_date(date){

and my ux

<Each Items="{ratings}">
									<StackPanel Background="#f0f0f0" Alignment="VerticalCenter" Padding="0,5,0,5">
										<Text FontSize="13" Alignment="VerticalCenter" TextAlignment="Center" Value="{format_date(DateUpdated)}"/>
									<Separator />

I got an error UX function not found: ‘format_date’

In short: you don’t.

If you only need formatted date, you should do the formatting right in the data source ({ratings} in your case) before displaying it in UX.

Thanks so much Uldis. That was exactly what i resolved at. I really appreciate your response. It has helped me know what is possible.

You’re welcome.

Also, you should be aware of the UX expressions we currently support. Adding your own shouldn’t be too complicated if you take a look here.