Pass Button Text as a variable to another element

Hi, I’m reading the Observable documentation but from what I could understand it is used to expose javascript objects to the UI. How do I do the opposite, for example passing the Text property of a button into a javascript variable? I tried using “this.Text” in the function that is called from the button, but no luck.

Observables are two-way bindings so you can read the value back from it.

<App Theme="Basic" ux:Class="MyApp" ClearColor="1,1,1,1">
            var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable")

            var myText = Observable()
            myText.value = "hello"

            module.exports = {
                myText: myText,
                go: function(s,a) {
                    console.log( "> " + myText.value )
            <TextInput Value="{myText}"/>
            <Button Text="Go" Clicked="{go}"/>

Ah, excellent! Thank you very much!

The solution to my APP problem…