pageindicator, generate factory deprecated?

hi guys i’m trying to use a page indicator for one of my app with the last fuse with this piece of code

                  <PageControl Row="0" RowSpan="2" ux:Name="pageControl" ClipToBounds="true">
                    <Panel   Width="100%" Color="Red"/>
                    <Panel   Width="100%" Color="Green"/>
                    <Panel  Width="100%" Color="Yellow"/>
                  <PageIndicator Row="1" Navigation="pageControl" Dock="Bottom" Alignment="Center">
                    <Circle ux:Generate="Factory" ux:Binding="DotFactory" Fill="Teal" Margin="5" Width="10" Height="10">
                            <Scale Factor="1.3"/>

fuse is telling me that generate mode factory is deprecated how are we supposed to build this now?


Replace ux:Generate="Factory" ux:Binding="DotFactory" with ux:Template="DotTemplate"