PageControl doesn't work inside <Each>

Test case:

        var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

        var myList = Observable("this", "is", "a", "test");

        module.exports = {
            myList: myList
    <StackPanel Background="#000">
        <Each Items="{myList}">
            <Panel Margin="10" Height="75" Visibility="Visible" HitTestMode="LocalVisualAndChildren">
                <PageControl Active="contents">
                    <Page Background="#FFF">

                    <Page Background="#FFF" Name="contents">
                        <Text Value="{}" FontSize="15" />


                    <Page Background="#FFF">


So everything displays correctly but it won’t swipe at all, or have a hitbox of any kind, even in design view you can’t select it.

IMPORTANT: if you remove <Each> and just make one hard-coded instance in the UX, it’ll work. What?

I’ve just tested this on the currnent internal version and it works. I fixed an issue relating to dynamic nodes and hit testing, it’s possibly what causes this problem as well.

This release is now available on #pre-release-testing in the community Slack if you want to give it a try.