page control

hello I have made some basic stuff about messagging but there is missing something like page scrolling up or down when sending or getting message if the page is full of text. So may be you can tell me how can I do it?file

There is a BringIntoView action that will bring the target element into view (assuming it is within a ScrollView).

There is no way to trigger this directly from JS at the moment, or when the scroll view bounds are overfilled. We have plans to do that.

You can use the UserEvent system to trigger it, or you can force all new items to be brought into view (neither are the best solutions, but they work now).

        <BringIntoView Direction="Backward"/>

Note the Backward since adding animations are played backwards.

I’ll try, thank you.

Is it possible to affect duration of the scroll when using ?

The scroll speed is a bit slow with long lists.