BringIntoView additional configuration

Hey guys, been playing around with ScrollView scroll position lately and I have a couple of suggestions regarding BringIntoView that would make (my) life easier.

First, I would want to be able to modify the length (or easing, too?) of the animation BringIntoView uses to scroll to the node in question. An option to make it ‘immediate’ is definitely needed, since there are use cases when I just want the ScrollView to be somewhere without any delay or animation.

Second, it’s about the alignment of the node in question. ScrollView currently tries to bring the vertical center of the BringIntoView target node to the vertical center of the ScrollView. I would like to be able to say which position of the target to align to which position of the ScrollView ; for example, “try to bring the bottom of the target to the top of the scrollview”.

I’m presently working on a system that will allow consutomization of the animations used in a ScrollView. BringIntoView uses the “goto” animation and that will be configurable. For example, using the current test syntax, you could do:

   <ScrollerMotion GotoEasing="CubicInOut" GotoDuration="0.5"/>

Configuration of BringIntoView is a pending feature request we have. In addition to configuring which alignment it gets, you’d probably want to configure whether it animates, or simply jumps to the target location.