Overriding MinWidth in style does not seem to work

Im trying to make a button that is quite narrow (only a plus sign more or less) however when using the basic theme, the button has a MinWidth of 88. Trying to override the buttonstyle locally with a MinWidth of 10 does nothing

    <Button MinWidth="10"/>

However, if I paste whatever is in the BasicStyle as a local buttonstyle, and change MinWidth to 10, it works.

Oops, we seem to have had a defect there. MinWidth wasn’t being recognized as a style property, thus the BasicTheme was foricbly setting it, ignoring your own style. I’ve fixed that and it will be an upcoming release.

I think, as a workaround, you should just be able to extend the basic theme in your app and override the one attribute on button.

    <Button MinWidth="10"/>

This should override the one from basic theme, but it still overrides all more local changes.