Ordering multiple NativeViewHosts

Hello, in the app I am working on, I recently had a problem with TextInput being drawn on top of everything else. To avoid this behaviour, I would like to wrap the content that should be drawn on top of the TextInput in a NativeViewHost.

The elements I would like to draw the TextInput behind are far up in a large view hierarchy. Thus, wrapping both them and the much more deeply nested TextInput in the same NativeViewHost would result in a lot of other views ending up in the same NativeViewHost. Due to stability and ease of implementation, I would thus prefer to only wrap these far-up elements, instead of the whole hierarchy. The problem I have encountered is that their NativeViewHost is drawn behind the native view of the TextInput. How could I go about controlling the z placement of native views, in relation to each other?

To reproduce:

			<Rectangle Background="Red" Margin="0,100" Opacity=".9"/>

There is not exposed a way to control z ordering across NativeViewHosts (TextInput has an internal NativeViewHost that is on the screen whenever a TextInput is focused). Z ordering between nested NativeViewHosts is respected though.

Sounds like you need to go NativeViewHost all the way for your specific case.