NativeViewHost ZOffset property

NativeViewHost and ZOffset (ZOffset = “0.0”) feature is not working. The preview on the computer looks different from the preview on the device.

How should I use zoffset?

If you’re trying to put a NativeViewHost behind GL components, then the docs clearly state that Native Controls are always rendered in front of graphics controls.

Thanks. The phone preview is displayed differently from the PC/Mac

If you experience a problem, or have a question, please post all relevant information that may help debug and / or fix it. Code, screenshots, details about your machine, Fuse version, target platforms you’re testing on etc.

We are using the latest version of Fuse 1.7.3.

Hi Uldis, Can you get the e-mail? Thanks

We do not provide any help with programming through our support/contact e-mail. Everything needs to be posted here, on forums.

We also try to avoid looking into full-scale projects, because that takes far too much time. You are expected to provide complete, minimal reproductions that we can copy-paste and run. Think of them as single-UX-file apps.

As for NativeViewHost - I explained it before, and will reiterate: it is shown on top of everything else. Changing ZOffset on a NativeViewHost will result in exactly nothing; it will still be on top of GL components. There is no way around this currently.

Then you say The phone preview is displayed differently from the PC/Mac. Of course it is! There is no NativeViewHost on desktop, it only takes effect on mobile targets.

And as for the particular problem which you haven’t explained here, but hinted about in your emails, that the combobox won’t display, here’s a quick solution: remove the NativeViewHost from your Pages/Login/Login.ux file, and the dropdown shows up just fine. Meaning, the problem is caused by you having far too many NativeViewHosts all over the place, and you should significantly refactor your UX code.

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