onRegistrationSucceeded only triggered once

On this situations push.onRegistrationSucceeded will not be called:

close and open the app.

remove from memory and open it again.

uninstall the app and install again.

My environment

iOS 9.3.4

Fuse version 0.24.0 (build 7243)

Uno version 0.33.1 (build 3130) OS X 10.11 i386 ea779e9

Hi raphael,
That’s very strange, let’s see if we can hunt this thing down.
I just need to make sure I understood, that the first time you ran the app it called onRegistrationSucceeded once but then never did again?

Answers to these would also be super helpful:

  • Did onRegistrationFailed get called any of the times?
  • Are you using the XCode iOS simulator?
  • How do you set the onRegistrationSucceeded callback function (please provide your js code if you can)

thanks for reporting this

Hi Chris,

  1. No, never.

  2. I’m using a Device, iPhone 6s

  3. I’ve tested on my code and on a fresh fuse project like this:


  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [


		var push = require("FuseJS/Push");

		push.onRegistrationSucceeded = function(regID) {
			console.log("Reg Succeeded: " + regID);

		push.onRegistrationFailed = function(reason) {
			console.log("Reg Failed: " + reason);

		push.onReceivedMessage = function(payload) {
			console.log("Recieved Push Notification: " + payload);

Hi Cris,

this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi again raphael,

I’m assuming this is a bug but it’s hard to tell. I’ve been deep in some other code recently but will try to get on this asap.

Thanks for bearing with us on this.

Im having real problems breaking this. I definitely get a onRegistrationSucceeded on every startup. Right now it’s sounding more like a issue in your setup I’m afriad.

I’d love to me able to help though.

  • How did you set up things up in your app dev account?
  • Do your bundleIDs match in your iOS app and in the iOS App IDs section of your apple account?

Happy to answer any question you have around that process, it’s a bummer than because of how apple handles accounts/security I’m unable to just run your actual project